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Edit (3/3/2018): Wow, this was pretty new/geek only information 10 years ago. Jailbreaking a phone and putting on other apps is common place now. I’ll leave this post, but it’s not exciting as it was back then.   It’s been an interesting day for me and my phone. I decided today, why not root the device? That means giving your user account on the phone full access to all of the data files and all of the phone process (same as Linux root). This is handy, because then you can have full access to the phone for backups, VNC control […]

Samsung Epic 4G TV-Out Not functional

Well, I got my Samsung Epic 4G about a week ago and thought it would be wonderful. But, unfortunately, I was lied to like so many others. The phone for some reason or another appears to have slightly different hardware then its GSM Galaxy S counter part (meaning this post applies to the CDMA Fascinate from Verizon as well). The CDMA phones from sam sung have a different 3.5mm headphone port driver chip then the GSM phones and apparently they are not cable of composite TV-out. I have heard that the option was available in the menus when the phone […]

Kindle 3 and Wireless Security (MAC Filtering)

I thought I would start off this new site with something remotely helpful. I hope. I received my new Kindle3 wifi on Sunday. Its a great device and I absolutely love it, but I had a terrible time connecting it to my wireless network. I live in one of those massive apartment complexes where EVERYONE has a wireless router. It becomes quite a hassle to secure yours when you know someone eventually is going to try to leech off of it. Being a geek, I went above and beyond (by far) what was necessary for security. I set up a […]