Wifi Anywhere. For free!

Edit (3/3/2018): Wow, this was pretty new/geek only information 10 years ago. Jailbreaking a phone and putting on other apps is common place now. I’ll leave this post, but it’s not exciting as it was back then.


It’s been an interesting day for me and my phone. I decided today, why not root the device? That means giving your user account on the phone full access to all of the data files and all of the phone process (same as Linux root). This is handy, because then you can have full access to the phone for backups, VNC control and of course FREE TETHERING! Yes, With my Epic 4g, I now get free wifi internet access on my laptop anywhere my phone gets reception. Without paying the extra $30 through Sprint. How is this possible? Well, Sprint sees the data as phone data, not tether data because I’m not using their tether program. The VNC control is fun, it’s nice to be able to use your phone across the network. However, it’s just plain incredible to be able to access the internet anywhere. I’m paying for unlimited data (and an extra $10 because it’s a 4g phone even though I don’t live in a 4g area) so I might as well use it. I’m currently typing this from my laptop, connected wirelessly to the access point created by my phone’s wireless card.

Just thought I would brag. If you need this ability and have an android phone, root your device (there are tons of how tos on the internet, including one click options), download the android-wireless-tether apk (i’m using 2.0.5-pre9, still only ad-hoc mode on the Epic), and install it. Then get ready for awesomeness. Just don’t go overboard and torrent on it or anything, as your network will probably charge you 2 cents a kilobyte if you are caught… dun dun DUN!

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